Finding The Right Professional Veterinary Clinic

When looking for a professional veterinary clinic, keep in mind they’ll be doing more than(...)


Returning to our Normal Opening Hours

With effect from the 1st of October 2019, Pet Connection will operate on its normal(...)

Ramadan Offers: Dental Hygiene Offer

Month of Ramadan is the dental hygiene month During this month Pet Connection Offers: 25%(...)

New opening hours

With effect from 1st day of Ramadan (5th May 2019), Pet Connection will operate new(...)


Golden Service Pack for Dogs and cats

To extend its offers & to serve our loyal clients, Pet Connection created other discounted(...)

Dogs and Cats diseases in the UAE

Diseases of pets are not everywhere alike. Those occurring in the UAE are influenced by(...)


Pets across Cultures

Cats, dogs, birds and other animal pets have lived alongside humans for thousands of years.(...)

Life among the Stars

The search for Life on earth-like worlds orbiting distant stars is part of the age-old(...)