Pet Connection In Dubai Pet Show

Once again more than 40,000 people attended the seventh edition of The Dubai Pet Show that was what is considered the most prestigious canine show in the Middle East to spend a happy day outdoors with family, pets and friends.

This year Pet Connection was fully in charge of the veterinary checking at the entrance with 3 vets and 3 assistants, constantly busy in examining quickly and efficiently thousands of dogs. Veterinarians and assistants were sweating it out in the open until late afternoon because a constant flow of dogs and owners pressed at the gates to meet the event without slowdown until 4.30 pm.

Everybody enjoyed the day out in the sun and wind despite the unfortunate incident that shocked animal lovers and children. Pluto, a middle aged poodle was bitten to death by an American Staffordshire terrier brought in by a group of adolescents.

What blurs the line between us and the rest of the animal kingdom? It is the consciousness that we are responsible for everything happen to the animals too, for good or bad. The reproachable event took place because safety regulations were intentionally unattended. The moral is that parents should watch closer at their adolescent’s choices and provide guidance in getting personal responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

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