Pet Connection: The 7th International Cat Show

NOVEMBER 25, 2011
In the fashionable atmosphere of Almas Conference Centre, Jumeirah Lake Towers, on 25-26 November, 2011, was held the 7th edition of The International Cat Show Dubai, the most prestigious feline show in the Middle East.

Pet Connection Vet Hospital participated to the event with its own commercial stall and providing veterinary assistance.

Organized by the Middle East Cat Society (MECATS) under the patronage of World Cat Society (WCS) the show was sponsored by PROPLAN, a worldwide leading pet food company, and by Petzone, Bonnington Hotel-JLT and Pet Connection. Petra Muller, the president of MECATS, announced that that the organization will be holding another international show in Cairo, Egypt, on 22 June 2012 and MECATS members can participate with their cats to that show.

We were impressed by the elegance and grooming of the felines exhibited in decorated cages by proud owners of breeds as varied as Arabian Mau, in first instance, and then Himalayan, Turkish Van, Scottish Fold Ears, Bengal, Sphinx, Thai, Siamese, and British Shorthair, to name a few.

International judge Dr. Johan Lamprecht from South Africa, gave a lecture titled “Basic and advanced Cat Genetics” on Nov. 24, attended by prominent veterinarians of the region, all very interested in refreshing their knowledge on feline inheritance and genetic transmission of characters and getting some new clues on recent advances in the field.

There were 3 judges, led by the President of World Cat Federation, Mrs. Anneliese Hackmann (Germany) and including Mrs. Cornelia Hungerecker also from Germany. Judges often advised the owners on important issues related to cat welfare. They also sometimes assigned the feline under examination to a distinct breed different from the one the owner believed it was, with the bewilderment of the attending people!

More than 2000 peoples visited the 2-day Feline Show. The Best of Best prizes were won by the a male Persian cat named Designer Purr Dazzle of Snowbell owned by Ms. Gayana Wijeyesekera and a brown spotted female Bengal cat named Bengi Alias Pipo owned by Ms. Yolanda Pohl Martinez.

Dr Irina Kulikova, a doctor in skin cosmetology, and her daughter, are passionate cat breeders and posed for photographs with their favorite cats!

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